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About Us

How much will it cost?

Admission prices for the Brackley Drive-In are as follows for the 2011 season:

Adults $10.00
(includes small drink)
Children (aged 6 to 14) $7.00
(includes small drink)
Children (under 6) Free
Carload (up to 5 people)
Sunday and Wednesday nights only.
(does not include drink)

Directions to the Drive-In

The Brackley Drive-in Theatre is located at:

3164 Brackley Point Road - Route 15
Brackley Beach, PEI

The GPS coordinates of the Drive-in are 46.3927,-63.18874. This KML File will take you there in Google Earth.

When does the show start?

Shows at the Brackley Drive-In start at dusk:

  • 9:10 p.m. in the late spring
  • 9:45 p.m. in the early summer
  • 9:00 p.m. in mid-summer
  • 8:45 p.m. in the late summer.

Gates always open at 8:00.

What is the season for the Drive-in?

The Brackley Drive-in generally opens for the season in mid-May and closes for the season in mid-September. We may, however, stay open one or two more weeks into the fall, depending on what movies are available.

How does the sound system work?

Our sound system uses a transmitter to broadcast high-quality audio directly to your vehicle radio (you can also use a portable stereo if you like). We broadcast on 99.1 FM.

Watch your Headlights!

Please make sure you do not make the mistake of shining your car headlights during the show: it makes the film really difficult to see for our other patrons. If you need to turn your engine on during the show, most late model cars will leave your headlights off if you set the parking brake first.

We do offer battery boosts to uncharged batteries, free of charge.

History of the Drive-In

The Brackley Drive-in Theatre in Prince Edward Island opened in the mid-1950s under its original name of The Parkview Drive-in. In 1992, George, Linda and Robert Boyle of Winsloe, PEI purchased the drive-in and lovingly restored it to its original condition.

Many hours were put into the restoration to establish its 1950s theme. Step back into the 50s when you enter the canteen, showing off its vintage Coca-Cola machine, jukebox, pinball machines and 1950s Morris Miner car.

You cannot miss seeing our giant screen, over 5 stories tall from the ground and 70 feet wide -- truly the best way to see any movie!

Before the double bill starts at dusk, you and your family can challenge yourself to a game of mini-golf on our 18 hole course, and cool off with an ice cream from our dairy bar.

The Brackley Drive-in Theatre is one of a special few remaining in the Maritimes and we are greatful to our faithful customers who have made the Drive-in a success over the past years.